200HP Mazda KLZE V6 into a Baja Transplant Diary

The endless search for HP continues with my latest Baja modification. But this isn't just about HP, it is also about refinement. I may just be getting old, but I decided I want air conditioning and heating in my Baja. So what's the easiest way to get HP, air-con and heating? Jam a Jap motor in the back of course

Engine Options - VW versus KL-ZE (V6) versus EJ20T (WRX)

Background - More about the V6 and why

Fit / Size - How everything will fit in the Baja - Updated 12 August!

The Sound - Download a video of me giving the V6 a good rev so you can hear what it sounds like. 

800HP KL V6 - Why are you still here? Click on the link and check it out!!!

Transplant Diary

July - Finding and buying a KL-ZE half cut.

August - Removing non-essential parts

September - Recovering from VW events, and getting back to removing non-essential parts.

October - Designing the adaptor and trial fitting in the rear cut.

November - Stuck in Townsville, nothing to report...

December - The plan is in place, hoping December will be the mad dash to the finish line...


January - Nearly there...

Feb-April - Stuck in Townsville...

May - Back in Brisbane and stuck into it again!

June - Blue Plated! Let the testing begin!

July - Making it look pretty for a big car show in August!

August - Busy driving and testing

September - Surge tank redesign


January - Updating how's it's been running. 

September - Just added a couple of links to pdf stories on the car, and a couple of videos. 


March - Installing the Digital Climate Control!!! and general update...

August - more on the Digital Climate Control!!! and Ferrari vs V6 Baja...

Readers V6 Powered VW's

During my V6 transplant, I received a few emails from people who already have, or are currently putting V6's into their VW's. Below is some links to those cars. If you have a V6 powered VW, please send me some info!

John's GM 3.1 V6 powered Baja

Robert's Honda 3.0 V6 powered Manx

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