V6 Transplant Diary - Background

Well as a few of you might know, I have had crazy plans of putting a V6 motor in the back of the Baja. I am limited to 2.5lt capacity legally, so my basic options were Camry, Mazda/ford, Mitsubishi FTO. After much research I settled on this sweet little bit of engineering marvel. The Mazda/ford KL V6.


This motor has a 160HP KL-03 version as seen in Australian Mazda MX6, 626, ford probe, Telstar Ghia's. I opted for the Jap spec 200HP KL-ZE motor, because I'm greedy. The engine is all alloy (see split case design in pic), quad cam. It has VRIS, variable resonance intake system which varies the effect intake runner length 4 times over the rev range to optimise intake harmonics and to give the engine a really broad torque band. More info can be found here is your interested.

  http://www.rs-productions.com/RSP_Motors/tech/sae-920677/sae-920677.htm - site removed 

and http://www.geocities.com/mikey9t6/car_uvwxyz_vris.htm  

Both of the links above are not part of my site!

Why go Jap? Well it has twice as much HP as my current vw motor, but is heaps smoother. 

Why not go turbo? Since I offroad a lot, I needed good low down torque, something a turbo WRX motor could never offer. So I went for the biggest N/A engine I could legally get approved.

Before making the final decision on this motor, I went for a test drive in a Telstar Ghia to check the engines habits. We slowed down to 500rpm while going up a slight uphill. The driver then flattened the throttle to the floor, and we started accelerating. So what you say? Well we were in 5th gear at the time. So I thought, my god this thing has some torque. Exactly what I wanted. So begins the V6 transplant diary.