V6 Transplant Diary - August 2002

Monday - 12 August

I have been a bit slack with my diary entries lately, but you get that when you do it for nothing.

I decided to try to remove the broken windscreen from the half cut, but it was stuck like glue. I'm not used to these modern windscreen fitment methods . I eventually got sick of levering it off with a screw driver and got the air chisel out. That removed it fast but also sprayed glass everywhere which took a while to clean up.

I tracked down a Mazda 626 in tank fuel pump to try to get one that would match the engine. So now I can start the half cut. I decided to take a sound sample of the engine to give my non-Mazda (all of them) friends an idea of what a KL-ZE sounds like. Check it out here.

I have also been looking and thinking about things a lot more. I think I will now try to put the radiator above the gearbox rather than up the front of the car. Check out the will it fit section for more info.

Now that I can start the half cut I have started removing non-essential items such as the front suspension, the powers steering gear etc. I am trying to get the half cut as bare as possible while still maintaining a startable engine. I think it's the best way to eliminate unnecessary wiring and stuff.

Monday - 19 August

I have just been removing more things from the half cut. I managed to get all the brake related junk outer there. I was amazed by how much brake stuff was in there. Master cylinder, brake booster (both as expected), heaps of brake lines, brake proportioning valve or something similar, huge ABS hydraulic controller with a million wires and booster vacuum lines. The half cut is getting lighter and lighter all the time. 

I have a couple of vw events coming up over the next few weeks, so I have also been busy servicing the Baja instead of playing with my half cut.