Technical Page
On these pages we are intending to dispel many popular rumors about VW's. We will also provide as much relevant technical data and relevant off road information as possible. If you would like to submit and article or no of a technically orientated website please e-mail us.

baja @ (Wes) or brad @ (Brad)

Drawing Library - Contains electronic drawings of offroad vw parts.
Cool 1/8 & 1/4 mile, gear ratio, top speed and traction calculator.
Electric windows install!
VW Cooling Fan - Myths and Facts
Black Paint for Cooling - Myths and Facts
Engine Sizes - Tables of Bore, Stroke and Capacity
Calculate an engine size that's not on the capacity tables!!!(new!) 
cutshroud.jpg (16991 bytes) Fan Shroud Tech - Ever wondered about the different types of fan shrouds on upright VW engines ? Want to know how they work and what to look out for ? If so click on image.
  Build your own low cost type 4 upright kit ..... coming soon...
rearside.JPG (38764 bytes)  Brad's never ending project.
braddualcab.jpg (10054 bytes) Lifting a kombi...
Fitting adjusters to a link pin front end
This page contains a list of reference sites for the KLZE Mazda KL (KLZE / KLDE / KL03) error code docs and other useful files
../bajawes/V6_baja/Cad/index.htm My adaptor plate and flywheel drawings for connecting a Mazda KLZE V6 to a VW 2L gearbox
How to register a Beach Buggy in QLD Registering a Beach Buggy!