Engine Adaptor CAD file page.

2lt_bellhousing_3D_R14.dxf - 2L kombi gearbox bellhousing - 3D

2lt_bellhousing_R14.dxf - 2L kombi gearbox bellhousing - 2D

all_flywheels_R14.dxf - KLZE, VW 1800 and VW 2L Flywheel

KLZE_flywheel_cross-section.gif (8382 bytes) - rough cross-section dimensions of KLZE flywheel

KLZE_flywheel_dims.gif (14672 bytes) - rough dimensions of KLZE flywheel

flywheel_2lt_3D_R14.zip - mostly accurate 2L VW Flywheel - 3D

flywheel_instruct_R14.dxf - Hybrid flywheel (part VW, part KLZE)

flywheel_instruct.pdf - Hybrid flywheel (part VW, part KLZE)

flywheel_V6_3D_R14.zip - mostly accurate V6 KLZE Flywheel - 3D

V6_adaptor_R14.dxf - Adaptor plate for KLZE to VW 2L bellhousing

V6_engine_R14.dxf - Bolt pattern of KLZE

klze_rough_dimensions.gif (12747 bytes) - rough dimensions of the V6 bolt pattern


3D pdf of KLZE flywheel (click on it to activate 3D content, requires Adobe Reader 7.0.9 or higher)