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Home to possibly the 1st registered V6 powered VW Baja !
Now with Automatic Digital Climate Control Air Conditioning!!!

A pdf of the current Vehicle Specifications can be downloaded here; 2006_Baja_Specs.pdf

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For those that are wondering, a VW Baja with a 2.5L all alloy quad cam 200HP V6 is a lot of fun!

For more info on the V6 transplant check out the transplant diary

For a easy read about the car try these two articles I wrote for a club magazine;
Big Bad Baja - Part 1.pdf - About the car when it was VW powered
Big Bad Baja - Part 2.pdf - About the V6 tranplant!

If you want action photo's, check out my Offroad Trips page, or the manxclub website www.manxclub.org which has photos of past events (I'm the webmaster). 

Other than that I suggest you check out all the other links at the header of this page!

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