This Page has some specs on Laurie's Reub's WRX engines chop top beetle

Car History - This car was originally built by Laurie. Laurie is what I call a motivated nut-bar. If he thinks "I will built a WRX powered VW", he does it. If he thinks "I want a 6 wheel V6 powered kombi", he does it (that's another story). I envy Laurie, and his desire to convert VW's in the most perverted way possible. Laurie occasionally raced the car, but never got around to sorting out all the bugs and generally finishing the car off. 

Enter Reub. Reub had plans of building a very similar car, and was surprised to find someone already had. After months of attempting to contact Laurie to get pointers on the ins and outs of the conversion, he finally made contact. To Reub's surprise Laurie had the beast up for sale. Reub jumped at the opportunity to save months/years on his project and buy Laurie's half completed one. A wise choice I think, a saving of a great deal of time and money. Over the course of this year, you will see Reub take what Laurie started and make it his own. From what he has done so far, the results should be spectacular.

First we will look at the Laurie era. 


The Laurie Era


Ah, the joy of having too much horsepower.
Engine Specs.
Engine Type.: 2.0 litre turbo subaru.
Pushrods....: I don't think so
Horsepower..: lots.
Other stuff..: Porsche Gearbox

Carving up the track at Valla `99
It's good to watch an overpowered car driving around a go-cart track. Laurie was still trying to sort the car out here.

Launching hard at the FF&R Jamboree
Note the rear tyre's surface area for grip, and the front wheel almost off the ground. This picture was scanned from Fast Fours and Rotaries magazine. Laurie's best time of the day was only 12.7 for 1/4 mile, due boost problems. The car kept losing boost above 3,000rpm, causing bogging problems off the line and a general loss of power.

Fibreglass Fantasy
The front end is a one piece fibreglass unit. Underneath it lives...

Look at that huge intercooler in the rear wing.

The Reub Era


bug1.jpg (68290 bytes)

Let the disassembly begin

rear.jpg (100053 bytes)

There's a hole in my torsion tubes, hmmm

pan1.jpg (73469 bytes)

Can I drive it now, please!!!!

pan2.jpg (76162 bytes)


engine.jpg (98877 bytes)

The power unit, and what a unit it is. G50 Porsche box.

engine2.jpg (87210 bytes)

inlet pipes.jpg (44283 bytes)

The new inlet pipes, beautifully crafted from 316SS

dh.jpg (86918 bytes)

Flush mounted Mazda MX5 door handles

fr.jpg (90796 bytes)

Wild engine gearbox frame work

re.jpg (69501 bytes)

Wide and low quad cam animal

sd.jpg (71286 bytes)

I think those drag tyres will come in handy!

wh.jpg (66352 bytes)

As low as you can go

rear before.jpg (92824 bytes)

Rear end on disassembly, before painting. 

t2.jpg (79082 bytes)

IHI VF23 Turbo ready to go

flipfront.jpg (63356 bytes)

One piece fiberglass flip front!

exhaust1.jpg (125639 bytes)

Stainless Steel Exhaust

exhaust2.jpg (111846 bytes)

It's pretty tight

exhaust3.jpg (106312 bytes)

Mitred bend due to space restrictions

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