GoPro Hero HD

This is my Go Pro Hero HD helmet cam page. I hope to add any useful tips I have for users of the GoPro.
        NEWS FLASH - GoPro have just released the v02.05.11 firmware update, which gives the long awaited upside-down mode. The new features are;
For more info and to download the firmware go to the GoPro website -
I've been using the GoPro for about 5 months now, and find it a great little camera. If you want to see some videos check out user BajaWes on, I have some road bike videos on my vstrom, and some dirt bike videos on my DRZ. Things I have learned;
GoPro Rubber Thing
I like the photo-mode. I just set it to take a photo every 2 seconds then go for a ride. Below is a shot of my wheelstanding along a dirt trail. I cropped the image to suit the aspect ratio of my laptop desktop.
GoPro DRZ Wheelstand Photo
I have made a suction cap mount for the car by zip tieing the gopro stand mount (the one it is mounted to in the box) to a car GPS windscreen suction cap mount. I just need to take it out in the car and see how it works.
There is a lot of discussion on what is the best program to do this. Currently I am just using Windows Live Movie Maker on a laptop running Windows 7. This is very simple as everything just works. Everything is very simple. It's free. See my windows live movie maker (WLMM) page for more info. Unfortunately WLMM can't change frame rates, so you can't slow the 60fps footage down for smooth slow motion playback.
Another option that I haven't tried is the new video editor on the PS3. If I get a chance I will try it and report back.