Why doesn't anything just work
Sunday, September 19, 2010 (12:32:57)

Posted by offroad

Ok, so I am trying to get this new website interface working, but it is painful. Why doesn't anything just work?

I decided on the Dragonfly CMS interface as there are heaps of "modules" for it that should allow me to set-up my website however I like, but unfortunately none of the modules I have installed have just worked. So you will notice a lot of new modules appearing and disappearing in the coming soon / testing / none menu's as I test and play with them.

I've just tried to update my DRZ400E page with everything I've done over the last 10 months or so. I wanted each entry to appear like a news or blog posting but I just can't get a module to do it (so it's just one big html page for now).

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