Welcome to my new website!
Monday, June 07, 2010 (13:32:14)

Posted by offroad

After years of lying relatively dormant, I have finally pulled my finger out and updated my website. I haven't deleted anything, it all still exists somewhere, you just have to find it Smile

The nerds out there will notice that I have finally moved from a html based to a php based website. I have no real idea what I am doing, but that has never stopped me before. I've based the site on the dragonfly CMS, so if anything doesn't work it's their fault Smile

For the new readers you'll be wondering "what the heck is offroadvw.net anyway?". Well I ask my self the same question sometimes. Basically it started when A friend with a buggy (Brad) wanted to make a combined website about VW Buggies and Baja's. I already had a basic free site for my Baja, so I moved all my stuff to offroadvw.net. So initially it was "Buggy Brad" and "Baja Wes", trying to create interest in the Australian offroad VW scene.

My side of things kept growing, the Baja rebuild and V6 transplant diary getting particular interest. Brad had other things going on, always too busy, so his side of the site kind of died. He eventually handed the site over to me. So now the site is just my online playground, or maybe it's an online shed for me to store anything that interests me.

The last few years things have been quiet on the site. A server change caused some software issues meaning I could no longer edit the website easily in Frontpage (which I had used to build most of it). I procrastinated about rearranging the site to make it easy to update again, but other things in life took priority. At the time of writing this I have a 13 month old boy, so anyone with kids out there will know that life with a baby running around the place can get busy.

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