Welcome to my new website!

www.offroadvw.net has undergone a bit of a change, you can read about it in the news section below. For those of you that haven't been here before, you won't know what I am talking about! I haven't finished the new layout, but it's good enough to be usuable for now. Check back every now and again to look for progress.

I am Wes, and this is an online place for my stuff. Originally a site about my 1968 VW Baja (Powered by a V6 engine), it has grown into a site about pretty much anything that interests me enough to write about.

New contact details!
My old baja@offroadvw.net email address isn't used anymore, as it somehow got itself onto a spam list which has rendered it virtually useless. It gets approximately 6-8 viagra email an hour!

My new email address is e1e2e3 .