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Whats New !!!

6th November 2009 - Wow, ditto to the comment below :) Life has been busy and I haven't had a chance to touch my site. The V6 Baja is still good, my last dog passed away not long after the last update on this site. Life went on, I got a new dog, my wife and I had a baby, and here we are today. Time to revamp this site! Sorry about the ads, I thought I'd try to get the site to pay for itself. I have tried to keep them out of the way as much as possible. 

24th July 2007 - Wow, I haven't updated this site for ages :). I've added a page for useful links for, and pictures of my VW Passat

1st September 2006 - The climate control is finished and working V6 diary.

28th August 2006 - Added a KL powered Mazda MX5 (Miata) to the - Baja Wes - KLZE Cars page.

1st August 2006 - more on the Digital Climate Control!!! and Ferrari vs V6 Baja... V6 diary.

1st August 2006 - I just put some new video's of my Baja up on my website, some with the V6 and some with the old VW motor. Videos

3rd March 2006 - Added a new page giving a general update on the V6 and my climate control install V6_baja/march06.html

14th September 2005 - Added a new page - Baja Wes - KLZE Cars. It is a compilation of interesting cars I have seen that have K series Mazda engines transplanted into them..

8th September 2004 - Added to the V6 diary. Mainly a couple of links to 2 videos on the car, and 2 pdf stories.

21st August 2004 - I finally wrote the Electric Windows Article!!!

29th March 2004 - I made a Suzuki DL650 V-Strom page for my new bike

26th March 2004 - I'm selling my dominator! See the dominator page if your interested. (NOW SOLD)

11th March 2004 - Felt like a chance so am giving the site a new look! Hope you like it.

20th Jan 2004- I have added some cool features to my Excel Dyno, and updated it to version 1.0. Check it out (still requires Excel 2000 or better though)

12th Jan 2004- I have finally updated the transplant diary! Had a few minor problems, but it's all sorted now!

18th Sept 2003- I have updated the Transplant Diary as usual, and I also updated the VW vs WRX vs KLZE engine comparison page. It seems that the original dyno chart I found for the ZE had too much mid-range torque. 

1st Sept 2003- I have updated the Transplant Diary as usual!

27th July 2003- I have updated the Transplant Diary as usual!

1st July 2003- I have updated the Transplant Diary!

1st June 2003- I have updated the Transplant Diary!

10th  May 2003- Finally back from Townsville and working on the Baja again!. I have updated the Transplant Diary!

20th  March 2003- Added some more pics to my dominator page, but more importantly updated the VWRX page! Reub is the new owner of the beast, and has some pics for you all to see Vee WRX.

8th  March 2003- Added 4 more pics to my dominator page... 

6th  March 2003- Added some links (on the december transplant page) to the 800HP KL V6 article from zoom magazine, drool over these!

1st  March 2003- Added some links to readers V6 powered VW's (a 3.1 Baja and a 3.0 Manx so far) to my V6 transplant page

7th February 2003 - While I am stuck in Townsville, I decided to buy a bike! Check it out

11th January 2003 - Updated my transplant diary with prices and costs of the conversion.

13th December 2002 - Updated my transplant diary with news of a 800HP twin turbo version of the V6!!!.

7th December 2002 - Updated my transplant diary. Also updated my acceleration calc program so you can figure out what rpm you will be doing in a certain gear at a certain rpm. Like what rpm you will do in 4th at 100kph.

7th November 2002 - Added a guestbook, please sign it!

29th October 2002 - Updated my transplant diary with adaptor plate pics!.

18th October 2002 - Updated my transplant diary.

15th October 2002 - Updated my transplant diary.

12th October 2002 - Added another trip to Mt Mee to the offroad stories.

4th October 2002 - Updated my transplant diary. Got some pics of the engine trial fitted in my Beetle "rear cut"

23rd September 2002 - Updated my transplant diary. Made a good amount of progress considering I went to the 2002 FF&R Jamboree.

10th September 2002 - Finally got around to updating the V6 diary. Not much happening though transplant wise. But I did recently win Best Baja at the VWDCQ Action Day!

22nd August 2002 - I have been updating my transplant diary with a couple of new sections. First a sound sample of the V6, and also a page comparing the VW motor, the Mazda KL-ZE V6 and the Subaru WRX EJ20T.
Check them out here...V6 into a Baja Transplant Diary  

30th July 2002 - I have made a really cool 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, top speed and gearing calculator. It is really useful for figuring out how fast your car will go, or what affect different tyres or gear ratios will have on performance or what rpm it will be at for a certain speed. you can find it under the tech section, or here.

15th July 2002 - I have started my craziest modification yet. Jamming a 200HP V6 in the back of my Baja. V6 into a Baja Transplant Diary  

22nd June 2002 - Finally finished (mostly anyway) the Stockton Sand Dune offroad story. Heaps of cool pics to check out. 

13th June 2002 - Thought it was time to change the home page. Just rearrange some photos and added some new ones from my recent trip to Stockton sand dunes. A full write-up on the trip will hopefully be up soon. I also added a link to our January 40 mile beach trip. You can find it in Offroad Trips.

25th May 2002 - I finally finished the Benarkin offroad trip. It took almost two months after the trip which is a bit slack, but it's there now.

23rd May 2002 - I finally finished the Canungra offroad trip. I had lost my photos and couldn't find them, so I couldn't finish this story. But I found them last night, so I quickly scanned them before I lost them again. 

18th May 2002 - Added a link in the page header to the "Australian Baja Register". Which is a register I am trying to build of Baja's in Australia. Anyone with an Australian Baja please send info and pics. 

11th May 2002 - I finally finished writing the Sundown trip, it now has animated gifs and a few video screen captures. Now I just got to get around to writing the Benarkin and Canungra trips.

8th May 2002 - I continued writing the Sundown trip, and have almost finished it.

1st May 2002 - I started writing up the 3 new offroad trips.

22nd April 2002 - Added this what's new page!

3rd March 2002 - Added the North Pine River photo shoot style offroad story. Click Here to go there.