Baja Rebuild Diary - January 2002
More News About My Baja 10th January 2002

Baja progress has been a little bit slow, because I have spent ages getting the car ready for the recent beach trip. 

Then I spent ages cleaning the car again. Sand tends to get everywhere. My baja went really well and didn't look like getting stuck anywhere. I just idled in first through the soft parts and it still didn't get stuck.

I have bought some new front seats from a wreckers on the southside called Mark Gibb's Panel House ( ), my friend thinks they're toyota supra seats, I'm not sure what they are. *Update - I have been told by a number of people they are late model Honda Prelude seats.

They are dark grey velour, with some blue strips. They look very nice. My old seats were getting a bit crappy in comparison to the rest of the car, so I just had to get new seats .

I've also been playing with ideas for wheels, probably dragway centerlines. Checkout my home page for more pics.

More News About My Baja 23rd January 2002

It's been almost 2 weeks since the last update, so I thought I'd better write something. I have put the new seats in the car. They look cool and are real comfy. I welded them in a quite high position, so that I can see over the dash without needing a cushion to sit on. The 2inch body lift kit made it hard to see over the now 2 inches higher dash and bonnet.

I have also started making some custom running boards. They are going to be pipe framed, with aluminium checker plate inserts. They should look cool and also be very functional.

New carpets are getting put in next week, so that will make the car look a little more finished. I need to buy a few rubber grommets and things for around the floor pan. I went 4x4'ing to mount mee with 3 Range Rovers and a Vitara, and I got a lot of mud and water in my side of the floor pan. I am missing the rubber grommets where the rear brake line goes in and out of the interior part of the pan.

I am getting Dragway Centerlines, but they will take a while to get to me. They have a big back order of mags.