Baja Rebuild Diary - February 2002
More News About My Baja 4th February 2002

I have ordered my Dragway Centerlines, and hopefully they will arrive before the end of the week. I want to have them before this sunday to be ready for the "dubs by the pub" vw run. See for more info.

My carpets are done, and look very flash. I have almost finished my running boards too. I have finished all the steel bar work of the running boards, and have painted them, I just need to buy some checker plate to go on top. I'll take some pics this sunday and post them.

More News About My Baja 10th February 2002

I went to the dubs by the pub show today, and won best baja and best modified interior. I think a purple kombi should've really got best interior, but the judges really liked my flamed speaker pods . I have since been told "the reason you won best modified interior was because of your attention to detail. Yes the purple kombi looked cool but he had a lot on unfinished edges and crooked sewing. The judge had a chat to him and gave him some pointer which he greatly appreciated. It was between you two. So it appears that the judge appreciated your anally attentive attention to detail, and it paid off" Thanks, I think.

My running boards are finished and look very nice. The alloy checker matches the shinny mags. They are strong enough to stand on.

I think this will be basically my last entry in the rebuild diary, as the car is as finished as it will ever be. I will continue modifying things, but they will be more mods, rather than part of the rebuild.

If you've enjoyed my rebuild diary, please feel free to email me, baja @ (no spaces), and tell me. The compliments and actually knowing people look at my site help inspire me to continue updating my site.