Current Baja Specs

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A pdf of the current Vehicle Specifications can be downloaded here; 2006_Baja_Specs.pdf


Engine Specs.

Engine Mazda
Model KL-ZE (from MX6 / Ford Probe)
Engine Type Standard Mazda engine. Six cylinders, V6, belt and gear driven DOHC per bank, all alloy, cross-flow cylinder heads with cast-iron cylinder liners. Variable Resonance Intake System.
Size 2497 cc
Cylinders / Config  60 degree V6
Bore 84.5mm
Stroke 74.2mm
Valves per cylinder 4
Induction Multipoint EFI 
Power (see graph) 200HP
Torque (see graph) 260Nm
Compression 10:1
Firing Order 1-2-3-4-5-6
Redline 8000rpm
Rev Limited Yes
Fuel Type PULP
Alternator 90 Amps
Heating Yes
Air-conditioning Yes
Climate Control Yes
Cooling Water Cooled

Drive-Train Specs
Gearbox:  2lt 6-Rib Type 2 (Kombi) Gear Box with 0.70:1 Albins 4th gear set, and Vanagon 4 spider diff.
Brakes:    Front – Type 1 Discs; Rear – XF Falcon discs
Suspension Specs
Front:  Raised Ball Joint Sway-away Adjusters; Seam Welded & Gusseted Towers; Custom Suspension Limiters - now type 181 front end
Rear:   Raised IRS; Custom Axles & Stub Axles to take Type 2 CV’s
Wheels & Tyres
Front:   235/75 R15 Mud Tyres; 15x6 Dragway Centrelines
Rear:    31x10.5 R15 Mud Tyres; 15x8 Dragway Centrelines
Exterior:   De-chromed; 7 Piece Baja Cheetah Kit; 2 inch Body Lift Kit; Custom Side Steps
Interior:     Sony X-plode Stereo System with Custom Flame Speaker Pods; Vision Car Alarm; Electric Windows; Bucket Seats; Climate Control.
For Diary of Rebuild: Rebuild Diary Main Page or
200HP Quad Cam V6
Future Plans:           Finish bits and pieces everywhere, there are lots of parts on the car that are not quite how I want them. I also just dug up the paint code, it is Dulon 1427B Full Acrylic.

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This photo shows the size difference between the cars in the background and the Baja.

The KLZE V6 - more info here

My nice cheap jap import seats

new_dash2.jpg (91906 bytes)

The dash. Stereo below, electric window and switched where the ash-tray used to be. Mazda instrument cluster, MX5 dash vents, MX6 automatic digital climate control air conditioning.

no engine cover.jpg (66399 bytes)

Evening photo with top of engine cage removed and car washed

aircon_headunit2.jpg (27178 bytes)

Climate control set to 24 deg C!!!