Baja Rebuild Diary - April

Stripped body

Stripped body 2

Stripped body 3

Front end with bull bar, but no body!

Custom door panels
These are custom door panels for my baja. They have have no window winder holes because I have electric windows. The material is black super soft seude, it's kinda like velour.
I made the cool flame speaker pods out of 19mm MDF. I cut them to shape with a jig saw, than sanded them smooth. I then covered them in black super soft seude to match the door panels. They are screwed to the door panel from behind.
The Sony Xplode speakers make them look extra cool. My next task is to make custom arm rests to replace the ugly standard ones.

The 1915cc engine.
It will stay for now. But after this rebuild is finished I'll start building a big type IV engine to replace it. The 1915cc will get put back into the L bug then.
News AFTER I decided on a full body off pan rebuild.

More News About My Baja 22th April 2001

I have decided to do a full body off the pan rebuild on my baja.

I have decided to pull my Baja apart. I took it for one last drive on the weekend. I am taking the body off and giving it to my mate to give it a real nice paint job. While he's doing the body I am going to stick the 1800 gearbox in the floorpan. I'll beef the pan up a little, and probably install a 2inch lift kit to add some room for the gearbox. I hope to have it together in time to win best baja (if I'm lucky) at Valla in august. As long as only Baja's are in the Baja class this time (a manx towd won best Baja in `99, I would've thought it'd be classed as a manx buggy {I have since been told it actually one best offroad}).

It took me all weekend to completely strip the car as shown in the photo's above. Most of my time was removing all of my electrical items, such as my alarm (a whole plastic bag full of wires just for the alarm), my electric windows, my stereo...


My slightly more definite plans for the rebuild are;

  • get the body painted by a mate in a real nice metallic blue or purple
  • install a 1800 kombi gearbox and two inch body lift kit
  • and change the front brakes to discs, also replacing my currently cracked front torsion tubes.