2002 Baja Specs

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Engine Specs.
Displacement:   1915cc (69mm stroke x 94mm bore)
Crank: Balanced Eight Dowel 69mm VW Crank
Pistons: 94mm Mahle Pistons
Compression Ratio: 8:1
Heads: Lightly Ported 044 Heads
Valves & Springs: Single Heavy Duty Springs, Stainless Steel Valves, 40mm Intake, 35.5mm Exhaust
Rockers: Scat 1.25:1 Ratio Rockers
Cam: Stage 2 Reground Cam by Manx Buggies
Induction: Dual 44IDF Weber Carburettors
Ignition: 009 distributor with electronic points
Exhaust: Thunderbird 4 into 1 Extractors with a Genie Turbo Muffler.
Miscellaneous: Chrome-moly Pushrods; Frog Eye Valve Adjusters; Windage Pushrod Tubes; Bolt Up Rocker Shaft Kit; Lightened and Balanced Flywheel; Clip on Scat Air-cleaners Converted to Bolts (for Off-roading)
Other stuff..: This engine makes good power (about 100HP) from about 1500 to 5500rpm (with standard pulley) or 6000rpm (with power pulley). I run a power pulley in winter and a normal pulley in summer, I'm going to add a technical page about power pulleys because no-one in the VW industry knows anything about what effect a power pulley actually has on a VW engine.
The engine is tuned so it will also run as low as 600rpm while off roading, and it's not uncommon for it to do about 1,000rpm crawling up mild hills.

Drive-Train Specs
Gearbox:  1800 5-Rib Type 2 (Kombi) Gear Box
Brakes:    Front – Type 1 Discs; Rear – Type 3 Drums
Suspension Specs
Front:  Raised Ball Joint Sway-away Adjusters; Seam Welded & Gusseted Towers; Custom Suspension Limiters
Rear:   Raised IRS; Custom Axles & Stub Axles to take Type 2 CV’s
Wheels & Tyres
Front:   235/75 R15 BFG Mud Tyres; 15x6 Dragway Centrelines
Rear:    31x10.5 R15 BFG Mud Tyres; 15x8 Dragway Centrelines
Exterior:   De-chromed; 7 Piece Baja Cheetah Kit; 2 inch Body Lift Kit; Custom Side Steps
Interior:     Sony X-plode Stereo System with Custom Flame Speaker Pods; Vision Car Alarm; Electric Windows; Bucket Seats.
For Diary of Rebuild: Rebuild Diary Main Page
Future Plans:           Putting a 200HP Quad Cam V6 in the back!!!. Air conditioning too.
Finish bits and pieces everywhere, there are lots of parts on the car that are not quite how I want them.

Best Baja - 2002 Dubs by the Pub
Best Modified Interior - 2002 Dubs by the Pub

This photo shows the size difference between the cars in the background and the Baja.

This is a photo of my Baja on the beach at Rainbow Beach near Mudlo rocks, Jan 2002.

The new centerline mags and alloy checker running boards looking shiny.

At the "Dubs by the Pub 2002" show.

My nice cheap jap import seats

The dash. Stereo below, electric window and switched where the ash-tray used to be.