VW video clips

Welcome To My VW video Clips Page

Below will be a list of the clips which I have grabbed from my own video footage, or from friends who have sent me their clips.

Hopefully I will add more video clips of the V6 in action soon!

This is a 3.5MB vid of me driving up a very steep hill. A Toyota Landcruiser ute had just tried it and failed. The video makes it look flat though.



The V6 getting a good revving in the soft stuff. - 1.1MB


If you want to hear me giving the V6 a good rev so you can hear what it sounds like, check this out.  kl-ze.zip

This is when I was running the half cut that I bought. The half cut is in gear, that's why the speedo is moving. The half cut also has no exhaust so it's quite loud.

It is only about 350KB, so it's quite small. I set the picture quality low and the sound quality high to make the file small.




VW Motor Videos

Benarkin State Forest - With the VW Motor - 1.7MB

Stockton Sand Dunes - Jumping - 2MB

Stockton Sand Dunes - Driving around the steep dune - 3.1MB

CT's oval
This is a video a friend sent me. "This video the bug is racing a black Toyota MR2. Lets just say the guy will be selling it after the race. This run was a 14.9@ 139kmph."
Click here to download the video
The video is 160x120, quicktime format, 654Kb, 20 seconds.

For more info on CT's car, check out CT's Show / Race Oval Page on my "friends cars" page. Cool quote from his page "It was good fun (drag racing), the oval really hooks up with molten 165s. Nothing beat it in 1st and 2nd gear all night, not even a turbo liberty 4WD."

CT's oval 2
This another one of CT's video's. "This video, taken from behind the car, Greg is lined up with a modified 6 cylinder charger that runs 13s. The bug embarasses it in the burnout and in 1st and 2nd gear. And as you can hear the commentator say it's pretty close at half track. But unfortunately thanks to having a standard 3rd gear the revs drop a little in the gearchange and the charger takes the win."
Click here to download the video
The video is 160x120, quicktime format, 803Kb, 51 seconds.