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These photos are from our offroading weekend, 25/02/01

The Cars
Here's a picture of the four cars on our off road trip. From left to right, Dave's rangie, My Baja, Rhys' rangie and Ben's cruiser. I apologise for rhys' inappropriate display of male breasts in the edge of the picture.
The Lads
Again I apologise for Rhys' exposure. From left to right, Dave, Rhys, Me, Ben G and Shane. Ben W (who owns the cruiser) isn't in the photo.
The Axle Twister
Here's my Baja going through the axle twister at the top of a hill. you can see the back suspension is fully compressed on one side, and extended on the other. The Baja's do quite well on axle twisters because they keep their drive wheels on the ground. Crap 4wd's tend to lift a front and rear wheel and get stuck. Ben's cruiser tilted heaps through the twister and hit the canopy on the tree.
Your not seriously going down there are you?
Here's Ben W (with Ben G as worlds stupidest passenger) going down one of the most dangerous hills I've seen. In the photo he is past the worst of it but the 4wd is still trying to go sideways on him. A moment earlier he went over the rock ledge and the back wheels came a foot off the ground, the whole car pivoted slightly on the front wheels and then came back down slightly sideways. I thought it came pretty close to rolling. The photo doesn't do the hill justice.

Mud tyres, oh yeah baby!
While we were out bashing around the bush, we saw about 20-30 other 4wd's and motorbikes. We liked this one as the huge mud tyres made it look crazy. Completely illegal, but who cares?
Rhys in the Mud
Here's Rhys in his rangie navigating the deep muddy ruts. The rangie did it fairly easy, even with it's street orientated tyres.
Me in the Mud
Here's me taking the dub through the mud. It made it very easily, thanks to the BFG mud tyres. I wasn't going to take it through because I knew I'd wreck my temperature sender on the ruts. But peer pressure was too much, so now I have to fix my temperature sender.
Steep Hill
Here's the Baja going down a very steep short hill. No-one else went down this hill (mob of skirts). Shane jumped in for the ride. At the bottom of the hill was a creek.

Coming Back Up
This is the track back out of the creek. It is short and turns sharply. I used the floor it and let 100HP and the mud tyres do the rest technique (note the stream of dirt coming from the back wheels). I ended up doing a small wheel stand out of here, but I had to brake suddenly so that I didn't run over Rhys the camera man.

Concerned Dave
Here's Dave taking the easy way around the mud, which turned out to be quite slippery as well. Dave didn't want to go through the big ruts, as he didn't want to risk damaging the body work of his car. Which was fair enough since Rhys hit the side of his rangie on the rut walls.