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These photos are from a recent photo shoot at the North Pine River Bridge on the way to Dayboro (Apex Park).

Front view in the water 1
I like this photo, it's very scenic or something. 

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Front view in the water 2
This is similar to the last photo just a little lower. The sun reflected in the front wheel a bit too much, so it looks a bit glary. The reflection of the wheel is clearer than the actual wheel.
Rear view in the water 1
This picture also turned out nice, but the rear of the car doesn't look as nice as the front of the car.
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Rear view in the water 2
A bit too much glare in the front wheel again. They're just too shiny
On the mound 1
I was running out of sunlight, so I had to move to higher ground to catch the sun. The afternoon sun makes the paint look a strange but cool colour. Unfortunately you can see the shadow from my head.
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On the mound 2
I rolled the car forward slightly so the rear wheel wasn't behind the grass.
In the Rut 1
This rut is the one that gave Dave's Rangie a bit of panel damage. Unfortunately the sun had gone, so it was hard to hold the camera still enough to get a clear picture. This photo is slightly blurry.
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In the Rut 2
This photo is a lot clearer. The paint looks really nice. You get a good view of the alloy side step too. The side steps are to prevent the front wheel throwing up rocks and chipping the rear guards paint, and also so if I slid sideways in a rut like this, hopefully it will hit the side step before it hits the guards or body work.

Straddling the rut 1
This is the correct way to go up the rut, doesn't look as impressive, but takes some very careful driving. Most of these rut pics are very slightly blurry.

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Straddling the rut 2
The drivers side front wheel started sliding into the rut, and then held on by a couple of knobs.

Straddling the rut 3
different view

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Straddling the rut 4
This would be a good place to park for an oil change.

Nice sunset 1
The camera didn't catch the nice colours of the sunset very well.

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Nice sunset 2
A bit closer.

Too Dark
I saw the tractors on the side of the road, and thought it might make a good pic. It was a bit too dark though.

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