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These photos are from my last bush-bash around my house before I decided to rebuild my baja, 15/04/01

The hill
Here's is a picture of me going up the steepest hill in my yard. Only a hand full of cars have actually made it up this hill. The ground is loose and powdery.

The hill
Here's a picture of me going down the steepest hill in my yard. You can get an idea of how steep the hill is, because you can see my tail lights, from the front of the car!!!

I have one good tip for driving through muddy water, if you feel the ground getting mushy under the front wheels, gun it!!! The stream of roost off the high side rear wheel extends off the photo. The low side wheel is under too much water to throw much roost, inside it is just splahing up some water.

My second tip for muddy water is don't let off the throttle until you sure your through the mud, and then you might as well keep it flat for fun.

Decisions, decisions
Always chose your line through water carefully. Luckily for me this is my own house, so I new where the shallow and deep parts are.

I'll take the easy way.
The bottom gets extremely soft and muddy, so I took the easy shallow way through.