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These photos are from our offroading weekend to Mt Mee, Jan 2002

Sorry there aren't many pics of my vw. I blame it on Rhys cos he had the camera

Warm up exercises
This is a little warm up track under the bridge where the road from Dayboro to Samford crosses the North Pine River. You drive through a shallow bit of the river and up this big rut. Check the rear wheel angle and front wheel in the air.

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The Axle Twister
Here's the same bit from behind. I told you it was where the road goes over the river.
One more shot, because it actually has a vw in it.
I had just driven through the rut before Dave. Unfortunately no-one thought to take a pic of me.
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The only mud we could find
Here's a pic of Dave's car with the Baja in the background. We haven't had any good rain for ages, so this is the only mud we found.
Diana's Bath Swimming Hole
One of the nicer places to check out in Mt Mee State Forest is Diana's Bath swimming hole. There is a swinging rope in the tree behind the big rock on the right. You can also jump off the big rock.
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Diana's Bath Again
Here you can see the water is a little stagnant. This is again because we haven't had any rain for ages.
Rhys Stuck on a Steep Hill
Rhys tried this very steep rutted hill. He initially tried to drive a wheel either side of the rut, but the rangie slipped and fell into it. The axles are hard on the ground.

I don't have bash plates, so I didn't try this hill for fear of engine damage. I'll have to make myself some bash plates, one day...

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How do I get out of this one?
Here's Rhys thinking maybe if I reverse a little so the wheels touch the ground again, I might be able to restart my momentum up the hill. Photo's never do a hill justice.

I think I can, I think I can...
Well it turns out Rhys' plan worked. On a sticker in his car it says "DO NOT USE FULL THROTTLE IN LOW GEARS". Rhys chose to ignore this warning, and went up the hill full throttle at about 5,000rpm in low first.

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Tarzan brought up by the Monkeys.
The Baja looks a little out of place with the 3 range rovers. Here we are parked at the Lake Sommerset lookout. The view is great.

The monkeys from a different angle.
Rhys likes to go for style, so he parked on the biggest rock he could see.

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Here's how it looks in the other direction.
A camera can't do the view justice. The view is too wide. You can see all over somerset and wivenhoe dam.

More scenic things.
Here is me, Rhys and Dave sitting on top of a huge rock we found on the side of the track.

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