General Intro.
This is actually Rhys' dads car. He came over to my house one raining night, but I was next door at my Bens house. So Rhys followed my trail to Bens. We chatted and carried on at Ben's for a while, and then headed home. I set off home in my L Bug, with Rhys following me in his dads new series II VT Holden Commodore. The road was still wet, and there was also a bit of mud on it from a house up the road (which was being built).
I turned the corner in the L bug, nice and slow `cos it was slippery. I looked in my rear view mirror just in time to see Rhys' headlights move closer together. I knew straight away that he was sideways. He was NOT speeding, he was NOT being silly. He took it easy and just hit a really really slippery patch.
I saw his lights continue sideways one way, then the other way, then nothing. I figured he had just gone over the steep grass embankment to my neighbours house. I said to my girlfriend "Rhys has just crashed". The typical response of "what, when, where?" pursued.
I had two options, 1 - do a quick U-turn and see if I could see him, but I had no recovery gear, no offroad ability (street car), so I probably wouldn't have been able to do much.
Option 2 - quickly go the last 50m home, jump in the Baja and take it down. It has snatch-em straps, fire extinguisher, spotties, everything.
So I went home and got the Baja, threw my girlfriend out and told her to get more help. Then I headed back down.

I then found out that Rhys hadn't simply gone over grass embankment, he had somehow found the only few meters of roadside with a drop-off. The storm water drains. By the time I had gotten there Rhys was out of the car. Luckily he was OK. But as you can see below, the car wasn't.

Enjoy the pictures of Rhys' written off, crashed, rolled, free-fallen, almost new, 1 owner, only driven on Sundays (and it's roof) Series II VT Holden Commodore.

I'll add more pictures real soon.

At least we can finally get under the car to work on it easily.

As you can see in this picture, he has rammed quite a nice little clearing through the trees from the road above.

Who needs a bulldozer to clear trees?

The tow truck driver decided that we'd have to wait to the weekend to tow it out. They had to wait until the ground dried out.

Here's a nice tree trunk shaped dent in what is essentially the front bumper. You shouldn't use family sedans to clear trees.