General Intro.
Steve bought his baja off another one of my friends somewhere in 1999. It was link-pin, swing-axle, and completely dodgy. It has a 1776cc engine which was OK, it had heavily ported heads, but only a stock carby, so that kinda defeated the purpose. Anyway, Steve rolled his car within a year of buying it, and here are the pictures.

He has found a new body and rebuilt the car, and it's even dodgier than ever. I'll try to get some pictures off of him.

Nice work champ.
I thought the rear guard went on the rear of the car, not the passenger seat.

It was a 5lt can, now more like 2 lt.
Even the poor fuel can copped a beating.

The wrong way to chop your roof
Paint looks nice for once.


more damage
At least the door matches the roof

front damage.
now it's really bug-eyed.

more damage
no fixing that roof

Yep, she's buggered all right.

"I could try to sell it, maybe no-one will notice the damage under this blue tarp."