General Intro.
Rhys' had his baja from 1998 (i think?) to early 2000 when he sold it. I still see it running around brisbane, although it has yellow roof racks on it now.

When he bought it, it was a single port, single carb, 1776cc, swingaxle, link pin, hardly any ground clearance baja. But it had potential. And it was cheap.

At the prime of it's life it was a twin port, dual weber, 1915cc, IRS, link pin, a heap of clearance baja.

Dubs by the Pub 99
Here's Rhys on the way to the annual Dubs by the Pub Run, in this case it was from aspley Hypermarket to the Ettamogah Pub.

Dubs by the Pub 99
Here's a photo of Rhys and Haley at the Ettamogah Pub car park.

The workshop (my house)
This photo shows Rhys' baja, my paddock basher and my baja. Rhys' car was swingaxle in this photo.

40 mile beach
Here's a photo of mine and Rhys' baja on the coffee rock at 40 mile beach, over north side of the Noosa river .

The pub run again
This is another photo of the ettamogah pub. You can only just read the side of the pub. It says
"Ettamogah Beer"
Aussie's best beer...
Eradicates Cane Toads
Destroy's Groundsel & Cholesterol..
Turns crocs into tadpoles
Cleans out ya carb!..
Tantalises ya taste buds..
It's fairdinkum brain food
Kicks over the starter motor
Settles the dust
Takes the puff out of cyclones
& Tastes flamin' great too.

Custom twin exhaust
This had to be one of the best sounding vw exhausts you could hope to hear. It sounded like a wrx with a huge exhaust. It started life as a pair of hot-dog cannons, which have the crap hot-dog sound. So we cut the hot-dogs off, and replaced them with lukey turbo mufflers and chrome tips. It all cost nothing to do, because went around to heaps of exhaust shops and asked, "can we have a dig through your bins for good mufflers?" and of course they said "no worries, go for it"